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We firmly believe that, everyone is a genius, and a genius is a person who is able to utilize his talents and enhance his shortcomings into strength. There is a giant within everyone! The sooner we discover our innate potentials, the sooner our potentials can be inspired! In this society, many of us accidentally neglected our children's potentials and intelligences due to our busy workload, and may end up guiding our children aimlessly. Therefore, we will suggest for the society today to discover their innate intelligence, to plan out their future path based on individual potentials and innate intelligence, to avoid making a decision that they may regret in future.


Our company is glad to announce that we are providing DNA G2 Dermatoglyphics, intelligence appliance for the curious, the blueprint to success, using the latest technology of fingerprints analysis. This appliance will uncover one's innate intelligence and unique potentials based on the integrated database and business intelligence software that provides the accuracy of 80-90%. This technology enables you to understand your children better, as well as letting the children understand themselves better.


Our Professionalism, Your Assurance


The team

Hennie Janse van Rensburg

Chief Executive Officer

Helene Janse van Rensburg

Occupational Therapist / Advisor

Tiaan Janse van Rensburg


South African Head Office

60 Palm Avenue Kempton Park

Gauteng, South Africa, 1619


phone. +2711 394-5102 / +2783 660 5326



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